THM Clavicula SE on 2017 Supersix Evo

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by syvid


Please could someone let me know what I need to install my THM Clavicula SE on a Supersix Evo 2017 frame? A little bit confused by the BB30A vs. PressFit30 and the asymetry....

What exact bottom bracket should I buy?
Do I need any adaptor?


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by alcatraz

Which clavicula did you get? Axle diameter and length?


by Weenie

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by syvid

Clavicula SE ROAD in 170mm

I don't think they come in different axle diameter? There is no indication of it on the website.

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by kode54

you can probably fit one of the THM bottom brackets. they make one for practically most bikes.
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by 4ibanez

BB30A is a 73mm wide version of BB30 (68mm). I'd think THM's BB30 setup, which may already utilise spacers + another 5mm spacer (I imagine on the DS) would do the trick. Get in touch with Fairwheel or another vendor to confirm. AFAIK THM don't do a BB30A specific bb.
Edit: I assume it's not pf, but if it is then same applies to the THM PF30. Also THM themselves may be able to offer some guidance.
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by RyanH

You're better off getting an answer from Fairwheel unless somewhere here has done it previously. The THM BB's are designed to put the bearings on a certain part of the spindle
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by syvid

Thanks guys, I have found the following which helps. ... r-install/

I will get in touch with THM and fairwheel.


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by audiophilitis

+1 on getting info from Fairwheel. Also highly recommend going with the appropriate THM BB.

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by syvid

So just got off the phone with fairwheel and they said that as far they know there isn't a solution provided by THM for the new cannondale pressfit asymetrical bb. I'm not entirely convinced this correct. The new supersix evo is a Pressfit30 with an asymmetry of 5mm. On THM website they do sell a pressfit30 bb and I am thinking that with a 5mm spacer it should work but would be nice to have confirmation before ordering.

I have emailed THM to double check but no respond so far.....I called the number for international sales today but A lady respond with a very broken english....a bit stuck....

Otherwise I wonder if I could use one of Wheels Manufacturing bottom bracket solution but again it might require some digging and confirmation...they only sell it for shimano, sram and camp. Is THM compatible with any of those?

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by syvid

Right so been in touch with c bear ceramic bearing and they seem to have a bb that would fit. See link below. I will order one and see, will report soon! ... rotor-30mm

by Weenie

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by jinnie799

which BB that you purchased?
I also willing to use my clavicula se on supersix.
as BB30A has 73mm, better to use PF30 MTB BB?? as per manual shown MTB PF30 is 73mm.
If so, doesn't need any spacers.

But.. I'm not sure to try of this..

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