SystemSix carbon fork with starnut

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by Attermann

shoemakerpom2010 wrote:That's not a starnut its the bottom of the FSA compression plug stuck in the fork. Your going to have to remove the stem and spray some lube in there to loosen it out (its probably seized over time if its not removed regularly, This happen to me on mine). Once out throw out that crappy compression nut and buy this and all problems go away.... ... p_106.html

are you referring to the first post? because that's a star nut.

by Weenie

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by shoemakerpom2010

My bad... I have that frame but with a Hi-mod fork and didn't think a carbon fork was supposed to have a starnut because I bought my frame with a compression plug that looks similar to that. I would think the starnut could crack the fork tube.....Even the compression plug should be installed accordingly or it can cause damage....

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by martinko

@Nixster, thanks for your input. As written in my previous post, I keep riding it as it is, because it is within the original Cannondale specifications. I ride the bike mostly on the flats, but I push hard on it. No problem till now.

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