Help me tracking down creaking

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by nemeseri

Alrighty, just for the guys who find this post via search. I replaced a few things and the clicking was coming from my Pioneer equipped dura ace 9000 crankset. I cleaned and retightened my chainring bolts and will see in a few weeks whether that solved the issue or not.

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by rmr40

nemeseri wrote:Out of nowhere recently creaking appeared during my rides and I would like to tips what to check out first based on the symptoms. Maybe somebody had this issue before and knows what to check first before swapping cranks and removing the BB.

Bike: Cannondale Supersix himod, pf30a bb. Kogel conversion BB with shimano Dura ace cranks, zipp nsw 303s, ultegra cassette. Specialized Toupe Pro saddle. I haven't changed anything since I have this bike (6+ month ~3800 miles).

x) Only appears when I'm on the small chain ring, BUT only on steeper gradients than 8%+. Interestingly power doesn't matter, the steeper the gradient, the louder the creaking
x) If I stand, the creaking disappears.
x) Only happens on the left pedal stroke, but on every pedal stroke.
x) During changing gears it seems to disappear for 1 stroke.

Things I tried:
x) Obviously the first thing I did that I removed the seat post, cleaned it, re-applied the carbon paste.
x) Re tightened the chainring bolts to spec

None of these helped.

Obviously my prime suspect is the saddle, but there is no movement there as far as I see. The other idea is to swap out the rear wheel.

Supersix Evo Press fit BB30 creak; ... are_type=t

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