TT saddle on a road bike ?

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by destinationwarmth

Hi everyone

Anybody had more success with a TT saddle rather than a normal road one ? I swapped my Spec Power saddle for a Spec Sitero one, and do feel better... Slightly less fore-aft positions, but then again, it's not like the Power is a saddle with a lot of options !

I do have an agressive position, if my handlebars were 15cm higher, maybe a more regular saddle would be better (?)

Just wondering if years of cycling modified my "sensitive bits" to a no-more human shape :shock:

by Weenie

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by antonioiglesius

Meld saddles have success with aggressive positions on the road bike, they're now beta-testing triathlon saddles. Worth a look!

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by shinjiwoon

Regardless of the item,
I think it is an option for the individual.
If you are right for yourself, I think there is no problem.

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by toutadroit

I like TT saddles on road bikes, esp. given the short nose. But only on bikes where I don't care about the weight, since usually not very light. A couple I have are 250g+.

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by AZR3

I've been using the Fizik Ares on my S3 and like it but it's not an out and out TT specific saddle as it's just a chopped down Antares

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by Renne

At the beginning of the season I replaced my Fizik Antares 00 (that was getting a little worn out) for a Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio. Have always felt good on both these saddles when racing. Since I stopped racing I've had the possibility to choose whatever saddle I want but I still went with these time and time again (out of habit). But the last 2 years I've been experiencing some discomfort. Two weeks ago I got my hands on a Dash Stage saddle and I have to say I'm loving it so far. Haven't done that many rides on it yet, no long rides but on the ones that I have done the saddles felt great (despite being marketed as a TT-saddle). Noseless designs do seems to give me more comfort, I was always afraid that I wouldn't be able to stay in position (I tend to move around a lot) but no problem at all so far.

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by wheelsONfire

Why not, i have used TT saddles at both my road and gravel bike.

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by IchDien

Quite a few pros with aggressive positions seemed to use them too. Hesjedal? Wiggins?

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by Multebear

the ISM Adamo PN series is very good for road bikes.

by Weenie

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