Finishing handlebar tape with RS910 handlebar junction connector

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by raggi

Hi, I recently finished wiring up my bike using the new EW-RS910 handlebar junction box from Shimano.

What I can't really wrap (pun intended) my head around is how to wrap the handlebar on the side with the junction box.

I planned on starting the wrap on top to get a clean finish, but that depends on being able to use a barend plug to finish the tape on the bottom. Should I try and use the same 'trick' to start at the bottom without squishing the bartape into the barend?

See photo for how I've plugged in the junction box (the same way as shown in a video from shimano). My handlebars are S-Works aerofly bars.


by Weenie

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by itsacarr

While I won't argue the merits of wrapping inside out or outside in I will say with my junction ... I started on the bottom, gave it one full wrap and continued on. I used 3T tape which has a bit of stick strip on the base and I had zero issues with look\feel. Having said that it does kill me a little inside to not be able to start with a bit of tape inside the bar like I traditionally do and do a "proper" wrap. But it turned out better than expected. I did not tape the junction on however beyond the double sided tape I used beneath to try and keep it from being lumpy.

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by TurboKoo

I started wrapping with diagonal in beginning, just like I finish also. In my opinion it looks really good like that. I'm not fan of wrapping from top as it makes life span of handlebar tape really short.
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by thumper88

I cut the end at an angle and started at the bottom and have a couple thousand miles on it with no issues, and did a friend's bike the same way. But yeah, you will have to use electrical tape at the top. Probably no way around that other that some super specific and very thin two-sided tape and some clever wrapping technique. Not even faintly worth it.

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by MoreRideTime

On page 57 in the dealer manual from Shimano, they state "Cut the end of the handlebar tape diagonally and wrap it over the handlebar holders..." They have some diagrams there showing this.

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by AfromD

I did it exactly like this:

To make a clean cut, first wrap the tape one circumference around the bar (square, without sticking it), and mark the point where the tape meets at the end of the bar. Then cut as straight as possible from that point towards the opposing corner of the tape. Additionally, you can cut off the part of the tip which has no glue underneath, because it won't be exposed anyway, so less bulk and no loose end. Looks perfect on my RS910.

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by lobuxracer

I used 3M two sided tape at the bottom for the first 4 cm, then started my normal wrap. Similar idea to the reverse electrical (vinyl) tape method shown in the Park video. Without stuffing the tape in the bar end, I had small faith the adhesive on the Fizik tape I used would actually hold well for any length of time.

I bought 3T Aeronova bars so I could wire everything internally. Worked a charm.
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by raggi

Thanks guys, ended up taping from the bottom as shown in the manual and in the linked vid. Looks really good, will see how it holds up!

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by sugarkane

i angle cut the tape and use double sided tape at the bar end

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by dfischer1

sugarkane wrote:i angle cut the tape and use double sided tape at the bar end

I've always done this even without a junction box.

by Weenie

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