Berk list reviews/opinions & round vs oval rails

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by Lightweenie

hello all,

I am interested in the Berk list saddle, but could not find any reviews or user reports online therefore I would be interested to hear opinions from people here that use it, or get pointers to such reviews.

On a slightly different point, I am not sure what exactly the advantages and disadvantages of oval rails are. I understand that they are stronger and heavier than round ones, but probably also make the ride harsher? Assuming that I weigh 75kg and my seatpost can clamp oval rails as well as round ones, does it make sense to get oval ones so that I decrease the chance of the rails breaking, or do I just make the ride much harsher without any real advantage?

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by NiFTY

I have experience with the lupina. I am 71kg and the round seems noticeably more comfortable than my oval railrd one. I have had no concerns with the round rails breaking.
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by Weenie

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by ironman1

Agree with above. Had Berk with round rails and now with oval. The round seemed quite a bit more comfortable.

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by Asteroid

I recently bought the Berk List padded saddle with round rails. My weight is around 77kg.
This saddle appeals to me, because of its similar shape (I want to say 130mm width) to the Fizik Arione type.
Both without any channel.
Very comfortable and 95g light. Bought direct from them at $190 USD.
Nice construction; just hope for good durability. You never know until you get some mileage on it.
Took a couple weeks to reach me, but Jules Berk communicated very well with me.

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by LeviR

Hey guys, any updates on the Berk saddle reliability and comfort?

I have an S-Works Toupe 143mm and wonder if I should go with 150mm Berk Lupina 7mm round rails.

Thank you

by Weenie

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by Lightweenie

I bought the List and I have to attest that it is very very comfortable for me. My second ride on it was 6 hours long and it didn't bother me at all. I cannot comment on long term reliability yet though but it feels solid.

With respect to the rail size, I went with 7mm round ones and my weight at the moment is 76kg (usually 73kg) and had no problems so far.

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