Frame Options Under ~$800

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by evan326

I recently got a used caad10 frameset on ebay for $450 shipped.

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by kgt

You can find amazing (slightly used) carbon frames for $800 like supersix evo hi-mods, s-works, treks, giants, cervelos... pretty much anything you wish. The worst option is to buy a no name chinese one IMO.

by Weenie

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by gsindela

Check out the Litespeed offerings at
This... ... tid=173255
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by nismosr

Check , It's where I bought my NOS 2014 Orbea Orca OMP for $495 shipped free couple months ago.

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by srshaw

How much is a caad 12? I bought a disc version (last years colour though) in the uk for £450. Latest versions are more though.

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by mrpillow

Thank you all for the input everyone. I will keep a steady eye on the used market and wait for something ideal to pop up. To the user who sent me a private message - it seems I'm not able to reply. Send me your email and I can get back to you.

Cheers all!

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by flying

Check out the 2017 Fuji Roubaix Alum frame/full carbon fork ... lite-frame

MSRP is $649 but places like Performance Bike has it for $599 then gives 15-20% at various holidays etc

You know I really think this is a sleeper of a frame. I have the 2016 frame & it rides great
This newer 2017 saved weight by going anodized instead of paint 1090gr frame not bad for Alum

I had written Fuji earlier this year & this is what they said about it
"The 2017 Roubaix frame has been completely redesigned; it is 100g lighter at 1090g for the raw frame and is able to accomplish a stiffer head tube and bottom bracket shell to boot.
The fork is almost 250g lighter as well.
Additionally the Roubaix Elite is Anodized; which saves an additional 75-125 grams on paint weight."

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by reedplayer

kgt wrote:You can find amazing (slightly used) carbon frames for $800 like supersix evo hi-mods, s-works, treks, giants, cervelos... pretty much anything you wish. The worst option is to buy a no name chinese one IMO.

thats my recommandation as well (if fit is ok for you). those are really cheap at the moment. i got one for 800.-, nearly perfect condition (used by a woman for 2 years).
ok, super six evos are nothing special, maybe a little bit ordinary, but absolutely ok for this price (especially considering weight)

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by DeLuz

53x12 wrote:
mrpillow wrote:Hello all!

Looking to upgrade my cheap aluminum frame with something nicer and lighter. I would prefer to spend around $500 but could push upwards to about $800 if the extra is worth it. Any recommendations on what road frame sources/makers I should be looking at in this range? One thing I am NOT interested in is bare carbon frames. I have no problem with Chinese products, but I am not interested in a bike that has an unpainted CF finish. Let me know if theres any other info I can provide to help.


Go used. You will be happier in the end and with a better quality frameset. I would personally search eBay, various bike forum classified sections...etc.

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Really too many good used options to mention them all. Just keep your eye out, you are bound to eventually find something in your price range that will be a quality purchase.

This ^^^

If you are in the USA Craigslist is another option.

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by bremerradkurier

Five lot of 2014 TCR Advanced 1 rental bikes for $880 each with Ultegra 6800 for those in the Washington DC area.

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by shinjiwoon

If you do not mind,
Used frame is also a good choice.

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