Handlebar, Stem and Seatpost Brand should match?

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by 3Pio

Planned as first to match all three :), then since i have Colnago seatpost which is light and nice, i decied to try to match handlebar and stem.

But since most important thing for me is how it work for me :) at the end i finished all three different :) (Easton EC90SLX3 handlebar, Fizik Cyrano R1 Stem and Colnago Seatpost :) )

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by nickf

I like the idea of matching but it never happens. I also like having no logos. Uno stem, Easton bars, Omni race carbon post. All logos removed and bar logos are black.

by Weenie

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by djwalker

I don't really care about matching. Although I do want the logos to be similar in color and size so that it doesn't look like it came from an explosion in a paint factory- like red stem logos and blue bar logos or something. I have a mcfk seatpost (zero offset and I like the adjustments), Pro aero carbon bars, and my original Cannondale stem. I looked at a Pro stem but they only come in -10 degree drop and I use a -6. And no room for more spacers on the steerer tube. But it never bothers me.

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by Fiery

I'd like to have all three matching, but I always end up with what fits and functions best for the task, at the best price. I will also take a debaged mismatched brand that otherwise matches the look I'm going for over a matched brand item that doesn't look right. I used to have a full matching Deda set for a while on my current bike, but I replaced the handlebar with a better fitting Fizik one, and if I don't manage to stop the stem from creaking I will replace it with a Ritchey one for the above reasons.

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by Kevinch76

It seems like generally it is more of personal preferences....and about how it fits not just about branding. Of course aesthetically it would be preferred. I am running on deda bars and stems, so when the idea of me getting an ENVE seatpost came up, most said why not deda...reasons simple, I think Enve is a good seat post to start off with and the Deda Superleggaro decals will be hidden partially if I get them due to my seatpost length after insertation to the seat tube.

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by JBeauBikes2

I think get whatever it cheapest and plasti-dip or spray paint the brands off.

On a more serious note, I'm one of those special people that live in a bike parts manufacturing city. Everybody here in Indianapolis rides Zipp. I've never bought any component upgrades because I've only been riding a year, but I really dig Enve as far as wheels. I'd rather have a Zipp stem with an Enve bar as well, but the thought of that makes me cringe.

Another example. I think Specialized bikes that have carbon wheels other than Roval look not as good as one with them, but that's just because Specialized marketing wants us to make those associations and hopefully purchases.

At the end of the day it's your money, do what fits your eye. I doubt anybody would ever mention having an off-branded cockpit.

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by robertbb

NiFTY wrote:
gewichtweenie wrote:ideally it has no visible branding, and thus regardless of the brand the appearance (color, finish, shape, styling, etc) should be similar

Agreed. Debranding everything that is easily the best aesthetic choice. I can't stand bikes that look like they are held together by stickers.


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