Schwalbe One tire weights?

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by 2lo8

Do these ever come in at the advertised weight?

I weighed 10 of them in various sizes, not a single one was as advertised weight or under weight, but some were closer than others. The majority of them exceeded Schwalbe's published +/-8% tolerances. I've probably heard the stupidest thing from Schwalbe customer service. They publish an already generous +/-8% tolerance, and they insist there's tolerances on their tolerances, and it's unreasonable to expect the tires to come within 8% of published weights, they should be allowed an additional tolerance of 1-2% on top of that (which several tires still exceeded but their customer service can't do arithmetic). This seems rather silly when they're advertised as Schwalbe's lightweight (yes, the light weight is advertised as a feature) race tires and you would expect +8% to be the tail end of the bell curve, not the mean.

Seems more like straight up false advertising to me, based on a sample of 10, there's not even room to claim manufacturing tolerances, because they publish and then straight out lie about the tolerances too.
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by kulivontot

I had three pro ones at 227, 232 and 242g

by Weenie

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by norcimmus

I'm running a pair of Schawlbe One V-Guard in 28mm, they weigh: 250g and 253g.

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad


Johnny Rad wrote:
Johnny Rad wrote:Quoted post below is from mid-2014:

Johnny Rad wrote:Schwalbe One clinchers, 23c - 207g and 210g. Ride report to follow in awhile on the "One" thread.

Compare that to the last 3 pairs of Ultremo ZXs I mounted new at 192-203g/ea.

Got another set of Scwalbe One 23c clinchers yesterday. One was 219g and the other was 232g. They've been good to me, but they're getting a little chunky.

More Schwalbe One 23c clinchers.

They pair beautifully with Challenge latex.



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by indywagon

Funny you should post this question! I picked up a pair of the Schwalbe One 26mm tubulars over the winter and when I flatted a relatively new Vittoria Corsa G+, I pulled one of the Schwalbe's out to replace it. While dry mounting it on a spare wheel, I thought it felt a little hefty, so I placed it on the gram scale just to check it out. I was absolutely appalled to see that it came in at 348 grams! I think the advertised weight is 290 grams, but even if I'm wrong about that, 348g is just not competitive in the relatively high-end tubular market.

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by gewichtweenie

mine come under listed weight

by Weenie

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