Campagnolo Delta Brake O rings

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by c60rider

This is more for information for anyone that comes across this post in future. I have late version Campagnolo Delta brakes and I'll be fitting them back on my steel repair/refurb frame and bringing it up to 21st Century standards with 11 speed etc. I was lacking information about the O ring size as they had long since perished and couldn't find this information anywhere online other than just being able to purchase new ones via ebay for silly money. I did the obvious thing and contacted Campagnolo and had a very quick response from a local service centre that some from a display cabinet would be measured up. Despite me sending a couple of follow up emails I had no further reply from them. So I had no option but to take the price hit on ebay. I subsequently measured them up and searched for the nearest sized O rings. My measurements came up within 0.25 of a mm so these are the ones! :smartass:

The smaller ones at the top are referred to as BS012 inside diameter 9.25mm outside diameter 13mm with a cross section of 1.78mm
The larger bottom ones are BS015 inside diameter 14mm outside diameter 17.56mm and cross section 1.78mm

They cost pennies and hopefully this may be of use to someone. I have a few myself now and would be happy to send a pair of each for anyone that wants them for free in the post. :thumbup: A few conditions. You must be a member on here and have at least 10 posts. Be in the UK. And once you have them on your brakes do a post on here with a picture of them on your bike! And if you found this useful to get some O rings post a pic of them anyway I can't get enough pictures of Delta brakes :unbelievable:

And here they are not looking bad for nearly 30 years old!


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by Miller

Look at the sleekness, in yer face EE.

by Weenie

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by kgt

Thanks for the tip!

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