sorry, another one of these... chain too short?

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by octave

so, heat wave just heat, about 8-10 degrees celsius hotter than what i have been training in the last 5 weeks, and much hotter than it was before that... and i have a big gran fondo coming up-- 179km, with 4,500 meters of climbing. i usually run a 50/34 11-25 set-up, but decided to switch to an 11-28 in case the heat really becomes a factor and i need that extra gear. my chain only has 1,200 miles on it, so i don't want to change it, but i think i might have to.

what do you all think?

it is probably one of those "if you have to ask..." but i am just so lazy.
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by Weenie

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by Asteroid

Might need to consider small x small, too.
Adding a link or two might give you a sagging chain.
It does look very stretched on big x big. Just avoid that combo on the fondo.
Always nice to keep a bailout gear on there. No shame going there to avoid the gran failo. :mrgreen:

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by octave

yeah, that was my thought-- it was definitely sagging with my 11-25 before i took out a link (maybe i took out two?)... so a longer chain would bring that issue back, which would, admittedly have less potential for serious problems. but, i am never in big-big anyway, so need to worry as long as i pay attention as i usually do...

in any case, one of those pre-fondo bumps that always seems to come about.

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by RyanH

If the chain is sized correctly for the largest cog, and you've adjusted the B screw correctly, then there shouldn't be sagging on 34x11.

Regarding the chain being too short, you can get away with it as long as you remember not to be in big big.

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by srshaw

Mines a bit like that. It runs noisily with my da9000 derailleur as it rubs on something so is a handy reminder to knock it down to the little ring. I'll probably do it longer when I replace the chain.

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by Mr.Gib

A granfondo is exactly the sort of event where you will lose track of what chainring you are on. And that big-big is a no-no. I bet it doesn't look great on the next cog either.

50/34 with 11-28 cassette can be set up perfectly with Sram and proper b-screw adjustment. So yes, install a longer chain and then shorten it if you want to go back to your 11-25. Of course save the old chain and put it back on whenever you want to.
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by JScycle

An idea would be to have one chain for sized for your 11-28 and the other sized for your 11-25
Yes it would mean buying another chain but it does mean two perfect systems.

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by NiFTY

Whats the cost of a half worn chain versus a rear derailleur, rear wheel and frame.
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by BikeAnon

NiFTY wrote:Whats the cost of a half worn chain versus a rear derailleur, rear wheel and frame.

Yes. Follow NiFTY's wisdom.

Read my thread...see if you're up to replacing the derailleur and getting into carbon-fiber repair.




Uh-oh..... bad day. Truly almost in tears.


After: notice the proper length chain, and repaired seat-stay.


Go buy a new chain. Nothing makes a bike feel great like a new chain.

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by octave

ouf, yeah... new chain it is. i think the busted bike photo sent it from the worry of the possibility of it happening to the acceptance that it can, indeed, easily happen... here i go a-cha(i)nging it.



by Weenie

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by 2lo8

There's no reason for 2 different sized chains. You set the chain to not slack when it's in 34x11 and that's it. If your derailer has the tooth capacity handle 11-25 and 11-28, or even 11-32, it will shift both cassettes fine. There will be a little sag from gravity because the spring tension is weakest in that gear, but there should still be tension on the chain and the derailer cage.
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