Recommend a good Zipp 303 inner tube...

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by diegogarcia

Put my 303's in use after selling my 404's but my LBS (UK) only had heavy 45mm tubes in stock which I bought to get going.

Can anyone recommend a good light weight 303 perfect inner tube to lighten the load and give then a nice lively feel.



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by Jepas

My suggestion would be the Continental Supersonic at about 52g for the 42mm (plus 2g for each 20mm Zipp valve extender) or the 60mm ones at 55g each.

This is what I have on my 303s.

by Weenie

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by Ohnooo

Is anyone using latex inner tubes in their 303? any recommendations?

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by ms6073

Before I went to disc brakes and road tubeless, I used Vittoria Corsa G+ 700x28 and Michelin Latex tubes with our 303 FC where tire wear was more of a concern than punctures.
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by eric01

Isn't any high quality inner tube a good match? Never heard of a wheel model specific inner tube before.
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by Weenie

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by oldnslow2

I use the Zipp Tangente Butyl Tubes. When used with the correct valve extender, they fit perfectly... like they were made for the 303s ;)

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