Ax Lightness - no more! -Not so much, read page 2 respond by Nils

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by sungod

glad to hear this Nils !

good to know i can keep on getting your great products :D

by Weenie

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by Asteroid

Can the OP change his topic subject description?
Or does this fake news represent an advertising boon? :thumbup:

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by Denavelo

Again we live in the age where things get said without facts and actual proof.
Social Media society... Age of vast Technology, Ease of Communication and Immediate information, but none of it is fact or verified before being put out to the world.... Same as news outlets. Let's just get it out there, and verify the information after the fact..
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by kgt

Nils thanks for clarifying all this.
I would like to congratulate you for having the strength, faith and determination to back up a top quality by keeping production in Europe. I strongly believe that companies like yours deserve all our support.

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by dereksmalls

Phew!! Thank "insert name of respective higher power in here" for that!! Now if those sub 200gm rims were made available to buy by themselves that would be awesome too.

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by eric01

Great to hear! As a happy and proud Vial Evo owner, glad to hear the company and its fine products will live on!
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by 53x12

Thanks Nils for clearing things up. Definitely great news!

wheelsONfire wrote:(Don't ask who told me, because i can't share that.)

Guess your source was a terrible source.
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by TonyM

Good decision to change the business model as there is a demand for such products!

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by ak47

Great news. I remember when I got into cycling, AX was soething else, it was a dream to own some AX day in the future. I was fascinated by all the superlight parts I saw here and on other websites and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. This brand has a legendary status for me good to know it's going strong and will be getting even stronger.

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by Mep

Hurray happy ending to this story. Direct distribution is definitely the way to go. And added insurance too? Now we're talking.

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by Fiery

Denavelo wrote:Again we live in the age where things get said without facts and actual proof.

We never lived in a different age as far as gossip is concerned. At least now disinformation gets corrected within days or even hours, instead of weeks and months.

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by 4ibanez

Mep wrote:Hurray happy ending to this story. Direct distribution is definitely the way to go. And added insurance too? Now we're talking.

This. A lot of insurance policies I've seen just don't cut it for a high end bike. Someone at this end of the industry getting involved with insurance can only be a good thing for us.

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by Kumppa

Direct distribution is good choice and hopefully it make them grown more. Bicycle industry would be boring without companys like AX.

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by StradaJon

Direct sales needs to be supported by good customer communication, quick delivery and warranty resolution.
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by Weenie

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