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by markyboy

Hi as per title is it possible to convert my enigma ti frame to a disc specific frameset if i send it off to enigma?
i know i will have to change forks etc and some parts but dont want to shell out on a full new set up.
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by Weenie

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by 2lo8

That's a question for enigma, and most of that question is if they're even willing to do it.

In theory, it's possible to weld on some disc tabs if the seat stays are sturdy enough for it. And if they aren't, then tabs and a SS/CS bridge. But they'd have to also cold set the dropouts for 135mm or you have to be limited to 130mm disc options.

If you wanted TAs, they'd have to cut off the dropouts and weld in new dropouts, which is still possible, because there's huge disc dropouts like Paragon's. It's a rather large undertaking though, and repairs are often expensive relative to the cost of the frame. And you are trying to fix what isn't broken.

The good news for you is that they do repairs and even offer frame alignment and dropout replacement if they're willing to modify and deviate from original spec.
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by sugarkane

mostly no.. contact engima but I'm pretty sure they'll say the same thing

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by Lewn777

You could fairly easily buy a front fork, right hand shifter and front wheel and just have a front wheel only disk brake bike. The front end is where you need the stopping power anyhow. The looks wouldn't be to everyone's taste, but from an engineering perspective it would be interesting.

I'd love to try this with a four pot DH mountain bike caliper, I wonder if that would work?

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by Tomstr

Front-only disc works allright in use. It takes some fiddling with the setup to make sure it fits your taste but shouldn't be an issue as long as you don't go wild with brakepads and disc diameter.
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