Light options for aero bikes?

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by mariovalentim

Having 2 aero bikes (track - Dolan DF4 and road - Canyon Aeroad) it's always a struggle to fit front and rear lights on these frames. For the rear light the Dolan is a pain because the seatpost ends in the pointy end of an aerofoil shape and for the front light the Aeroad with the one piece stem+aerofoil handlebar is bulky AF to use a rubber loop.

So what are the good options out there for rechargable lights that we can use on these frames? It doesn't have to have crazy lumens, lots of battery etc, it's a mostly a to be seen light.

ps: am I the only person with this sort of problem?

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by 2lo8

Not what I was expecting from the title.

What are the Garmin/Gopro mount options for the Aeroad? There's a number of lights or adapters that can mount to a gopro mount.

I think I've also seen a few lights that mount to saddle rails if you don't use a saddlebag. I've also been able to use the lights that are offset to one side when mounted on a seatpost on aero posts like the knog frog styled ones.
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by Weenie

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by ALAN Carbon+

I use a light and motion urban via a garmin/GoPro mount, if you can find a suitable mount to work with your bars.

For the rear, if you use a Fizik saddle you can get an adaptor for cateye lights that uses the ICS system.

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by brycerider

Most go for the GoPro mount and the Light and Motion compatible light. On my S5 I have the Cervelo aerobar but it has a conventional stem so I got the exposure stem mount and run a big Exposure light under the bars. Works well.
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by silverster

I also use a Exposure strada light for my Aeroad with integrated stem and handle bar.
It is my only bike now and I use it for doing Randonneuring so need some light to be bright enough and can last for a while.

What I did is brought a 35mm handle bar mount from Exposure and use desktop vice to crush it into the aero cross section shape of the handle bar (heat it up using the home oven to soften it up slightly).
I only fix the mount on top of the handle bar tape as the shape is not 100% and need the handle bar tape to act as some sort of cushion between the mount and the handle bar.

by Weenie

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by jekyll man

For the rear:
Lezyne KTV or strip drive. Both have a V-shaped rear that mounts to an aero post, as well as a round one.

Lezyne strip drive front.
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