Pinarello Gan, Gan S, Gan RS

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by bbqpork

CC is having a huge sale on the Pinarello Gan 105, and I am curious.
The frame looks very similar to the F8, which is stunning but is very difficult to find information on the GAN. Most address the GAN RS, but is the GAN, GAN S, and GAN RS essentially the same frame? With my research, I was only able to find that the GAN RS is 1100g, can't find the GAN, or GAN S.

On the official website

GAN = T600
GAN S = T700
GAN RS = T900
F8 = T1100

What is the GAN's riding characteristic, and anyone know how much the frame weights?

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by snowdevlin

I have a F8 and a friend has a GAN RS.

They're indeed two diferent bikes with different shapes, although very similar.
As for the GANs they're all alike, shapewise anyway, only diference being the carbon as mentioned.

Can't give you much feedback on the GAN/ GAN S, but as for the RS, coming from a tarmac sl3 my friend really enjoyed the upgrade!

by Weenie

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by JackRussellRacing

I have two GAN RS bikes, one with Di2 and one with eTap. Love them. Not the lightest bike in the world; not the most aggressive geometry in the world, but a great ride that seems to just swallow up the miles.

I bought mine as framesets, not "built" bikes.

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by Bondurant

Four friends ended up on rented Gans w/Ultegra for riding around Como a few weeks ago, they were pretty impressed on the whole.

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by Leviathan

I rode a gan S for a week and then bought a Dogma. The geometry isn't noticeably different but the dogma has much more "Snap" and is crisper descending, you can afford to take everything just that bit faster. Is it all in the mind? who knows...
Having said that the Gan S was a great bike, loved the neutral handling, neither twitchy nor dead, pretty stiff, as well finished as the F8 and (old git moan) the fact that its an "old" italian BB means it didnt creak, which both of my BB30 bikes ended up doing at one time or another

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by gfinkee

I build Gan recently and it came out pretty good on the scales. Check out my theme. I love the handling.

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by hatsunagi

GAN is a great bike. The only one misfortune for GAN is the existence of F8.

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by Weenie

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