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by velobob

I just picked one of these up and so far I'm loving it. Question for people in the know, and it's pretty nit picky, anyone know why some packaging shows the weight for the 155mm as 233g and some show it as 260g? I'm guessing one is older stock and they adjusted the numbers but I wonder which is the latest. Also it looks like some have black rails and some shiny titanium. Did the rails change? Not a big deal - just curious.

by Weenie

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by BikeAnon

Since you have it....and you're on weight-weenies..... you need a digital scale! :)

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by g32ecs

I currently have (all in Ti versions)

Romin Evo

Specialized is usually bang on with their published weights. If it's any difference it's within 10-15g.

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by jeffy

iirc the black rails are the newer one with the lower weight label.

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by chazmtb

I have a white 143. 229 grams. Old hollow ti rails.

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