Campag 10S chain with FSA chainrings?

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by wilwil

Ive just put a new Campag 10S chain on a bike that has Veloce Gruppo with an FSA Gossamer crankset. Everything is fine on the stand but under load there is a loud clicking noise twice every revolution. On close examination the chain seems to be catching as it leaves the bottom of the chain ring, on both chain rings but louder on the large ring. Are the chain rings worn out or should I try a KMC chain? The BB seems fine but Im not sure how that would effect the chain anyway.

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by ParisCarbon

Stiff link??

by Weenie

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by BikeAnon

I'd suspect worn rings. Are the teeth shark-finny?

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by graeme_f_k

At what point is the clicking heard on the revolution & are you sure it's twice per chainring rev? If it's once per rev it's unlikely to the (directly) chain related, it's more likely chain-to-chainring interface, or not chain-related at all.

Having said that, check the chain is running through the RD OK (best indicator of a stiff link is to run the chain slowly backwards in the stand and you'll see the RD "twitch" as the stiff link goes through it), and pay attention too to the join in the chain and make sure that it is properly closed.

then as BikeAnon suggests, I'd look carefully at chainring wear or damaged teeth on the chairing.

It's an old-skool trick but with a new chain, put the cranks parallel with the floor with the drive side crank pointing backwards, pinch the chain at the "3 o'clock" position and try and pull the chain clear of the ring - if you can expose more than about half the height of the chainring teeth at that point and it's a new chain, it's probably time for new rings ...

Apart from that, if you dismantled everything for a clean (as many people do when replacing chain, cassette etc), definitely also check chainring bolts and pedal to crank interface.
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