Does XT di2 fits to Ultegra di2 shifters [11 sp]

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by johancoenen59

climbing in the mountains I want to use a bigger cassette [e.g.11-36] combined with my Ultegra di2. The solution could be to replace my di2 Ultegra derailleur to a XT di2. Technically and software wise this should work however how does the big cage of the XT fits to a smaller than usual cassette? Or even if I change back from a mountainbike cassette to a road cassette [11-25] does it still work?

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by ab01ns

Cassettes are interchangeable. However both derailers if you run 2x must be either road or mtn. This can cause front shifting issues.

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by Weenie

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by Gazelleer

Correct, only compatible if you use only a rear derailleur, i.e. 1x11 or an MTB front derailleur.

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by DutchMountains

I'm running XT di2 front/rear derailers with Ultegra brifters, 14-32 cassette and 34/42 chainrings. 34/46 chainrings worked well too but I don't have experience with anything bigger. And I use a clamp for the front derailer, so I'm flexible with the vertical position.

Keep in mind that the XT derailers will not support syncro shifting when using the EW90 junction box, you'll need the MT800 for that (utterly stupid, no reason why it shouldn't work with the EW90). And as b01ns mentions, you can't use an XT rear derailer with a front Ultegra derailer.

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by Frankie - B

IIRC k edge used to make longer cages for shimano road derailleurs. There might still be a few of those around.

Also, the use of the word brifter is only allowed for Americans. And even when they do, we are all obliged to tell them it is just a shifter, ergopower, double tap unit or an sti. ;)

Are you really, really sure you want to use such a cassette in the alps? You might want to run it through a gear and cadence calculator first.
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by motorapido

You would probably get away with running a GS (long) cage Ultegra rear mech with an 11-34 cassette, although its only specced as being for an 11-32 several people have got away with running it 11-34.

You can either buy a complete Di2 GS rear mech or just buy a mechanical one and strip the cage off it, its an easy job to do with plenty of write ups on the method on the likes of Parks website.

I've run a custom cage i made and run it with an 11-40 without issues, but i only ran a single ring up front, the secret is to offset the top pulley so it describes a big enough arc to stay close to the relevant sprocket as you go up and down the cassette, and get the spring tension correct to get enough chain wrap and tension.

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by basurper

You can use roadlink. I did it on dura ace rd-9000 short cage on 11-36 1x11.

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by ooo

I tried 11-28 cassette with di2 mtb fd/rd and di2 ultegra sti - it works
you can switch wheels with 11-40 and 11-28 cassettes without readjusting rd
11-25 cassette probably works, but 11-26 and 12-28 is a better choice for small steps
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by Weenie

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