Lightest aero bike? - venge/madone/s5/aeroad/more...

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by sagatme

What about Ridley Noah?

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by Indyx

2016 Scott Foil Team Issue Here: ~7000 grams in 56
-HMX Frame
-Syncros one piece carbon bar
-Dura Ace Di2
-Dura Ace components
-Stages power meter + TRP 851 rear brake
-Reynolds Forty Six C Carbon Clinchers
-GP 4000iis tires
-Syncros RP 1.5 Seat

Bike is an awesome combination of stiff, light, and aero. It does it all. And since Scott isn't the "popular" brand in the USA I built the above bike for ~$5000 from mostly new parts.

by Weenie

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by Dagger9903

Anyone have informed views on a new Madone for next year? Feels about right if they're pursuing a 3 year life cycle - thoughts?

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by TonyM

Dagger9903 wrote:Anyone have informed views on a new Madone for next year? Feels about right if they're pursuing a 3 year life cycle - thoughts?

There is a new Domane SL MY2018 listed at the UCI. One with caliper and one with disc.
So I suppose it will soon be in the news. Maybe for the TdF ?

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by 53x12

Dagger9903 wrote:Anyone have informed views on a new Madone for next year? Feels about right if they're pursuing a 3 year life cycle - thoughts?

Too early for a new Madone. The Madone is still at the cutting edge.
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by sawyer

My medium Aeroad SLX (Gen 2):

- Super Record mechanical group (except Ultegra DR calipers)
- Bora 50 tubs
- 3T Aeronova bars
- stock Canyon stem
- Keo Blade Ti pedals
- stock Fizik Arione saddle (mid-range)

Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by idinfo68

My Scott Foil Premium 2015 - 5.84 kg (12.87 lbs) without TT bars
More information on


Parts and Weights

In English

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by Hexsense

tranzformer wrote:
My experience with the Felt AR has been completely different. I have owned and ridden quite a few bikes and the current AR is the nicest aero road bike that I have ridden and owned. I have had zero issues with BB being flexy after thousands of miles. I don't put as much wattage out in a sprint as some guys on here (only around 1300w), but I have had zero flex from sprinting or climbing on that frame. That BB is massive and very stiff. This bike is awesome and Felt really did a great job with it.

I rode a older S5 before they updated the geometry. That old geometry didn't suit me, but now that they updated it that might improve things. But that older geometry just sucked and I just couldn't get use to its handling and my position on it. I have heard the new geometry really fixed things.

The Venge ViAS might be one of the worse handling, braking and ride feel aero frames that I have been on. That thing was terrible. There aren't many frames that I have felt this way about, but it felt like a piece of lumber when riding around. Even with nice wheels, tires, proper tubular pressure, nice bib shorts...etc. Just terrible for as expensive of a frame that it was. The braking was also terrible and was not confidence inspiring. I felt bad for my buddy that bought it and even he regretted it and eventually sold it off and bought a Trek Madone.

Trek Madone. This is probably the nicest fully integrated super aero road bike that I have ridden. Truly amazing what Trek has done with it from a performance standpoint. Blows the Venge ViAS away. If I was looking to spend this amount of money on an aero frame and wanted one with this much integration and proprietary parts, the Madone would be it hands down.

Canyon Aeroad, I haven't had a chance to ride one of these but this is another one that I would seriously consider if I could easily get my hands on one to test ride and perhaps purchase.

Interested in an AR1 frameset rather than the FRD since i'm on budget.
I wonder what's the tire clearance is like. Did they update for wider tire from any year?
25c on my wide clincher will be 28-29mm wide so this is a big deal for me.

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by pdlpsher1

Wow! Beautiful build. Congrats!

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by Dagger9903

My Madone (2018) is 15.2lbs (with 50mm deep rims). Not hyper-light, but for what's reputed to be one of the most aero frames, seems pretty good.

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by mrlobber

Cervelo S5 can be easily built to 6.75kg with a power meter (the only light parts on it were Berk Lupina and Extralite Ultrastar :D, semi-light parts - Zipp 404 tubulars), and, what might be important for some people, it is the easiest to wrench of them all (along with Canyon Aeroad). The model 2015-2016 seatpost clamping mechanism was total crap, but the new seatpost (cobra-shaped) is much better.

I did ride Felt AR FRD as well, it rode pretty similar to Cervelo except was slightly "slower" in corners and the BB brake didn't impress me, but it could be built some 100-200g lighter, using, for instance SISL2 based powermeter, cutting the seatpost to exact length and some other tricks. Slap an Omega X on the front of the Felt, install bar-end Di2 junction, road aero bars of your choice, and you'll have as aero and as light bike as it gets.
Retired bikes: Cervelo S5 2015 / Felt AR FRD 2014 / Cannondale SS HM 2014 / Scott Addict SL 2014 / Scott Plasma Premium 2014 / Orbea Orca 2008 / Look 596 /

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by ryanw

My 56cm 2016 S5 is 6.6kg without pedals, cages and Garmin mount, 6.9kg on the road. Also has a powermeter and clinchers, no tubs here.

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by mike

try the giant propel. there was a writeup in one of the bike magazines. super light and very aero

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