Is there any way to make regular handlebars have a flatter top section?

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by vinuneuro

I'm looking at carbon bars but it seems that most non-aero bars still have round tops. The stock bars on my Specialized have a flattened top section that are really comfortable while sitting up and would prefer for the next one to have a similar profile. Unfortunately the only ones I've found that have a similar shape are the Ritchey WCS bars. They seem to be good but it would be nice to have some other options as well since others like Enve and Easton seem to have good stiffness/compliance characteristics. Is there any product that goes between the bar and tape to make the top a little flatter and more ergonomic?

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by Shrike

Stick a strip of bar tape on the forward and rear of the bars (not the top!), then wrap over with bar tape. That should be enough to elongate the bar top making it flatter.

Maybe :P

by Weenie

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by vejnemojnen

fill the cable grooves with something ... 00&bih=770

then you have a bar without grooves, now just install the cable housing front#back of the bar.. actually they feel pretty close to a flattened top section.. :) (though i only have experience with non-grooved bars)

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by kgt

Many, many ways to do that... An example: attach (with tape) two pieces of 3-4mm round balsa wood at the front and back of the handlebar. Then wrap the tape over it.
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by 5 8 5

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by Weenie

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