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by girona

Hi... I just swapped shoes from the Giro Factor Techlace to the Bont Vaypor+ shoe. I believe the stack height difference is approx 3mm, with the Bont's having the smaller stack. I plan on dropping my saddle 3mm to compensate for the difference. But a bikefitter told me I should also slide the saddle back 1mm or so as well. Wouldn't this just cancel out the drop in saddle, and I would still be too far from my peddles? I am trying to match the same position as the Giro's with my Bont's, so any help is appreciated.... Thanks!

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by sungod

it's simple trignometry, if you reduce one side of the triangle you reduce the size of the others (assuming constant angles

bb vertical to saddle height, bb up seat tube to saddle height, gap between the two points at saddle height

reducing the first by 3mm is going to reduce the last by less than 1mm assuming 70 seat tube angle (i'm guessing inseam)

it's not a huge difference, but it is a difference

by Weenie

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by Kurets

I can see changing saddle height, but moving the saddle 1mm won't be noticeable. You are not in a static position on the saddle as opposed to your feet on the cranks. I experienced something similar when I went from standard foorbeds to a thicker pai with arch support. Had to raise the saddle 2mm for it to feel the same.

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by girona

ok, thanks guys. So it sounds as if dropping the saddle 3mm should be good enough, and sliding the saddle back 1mm is not so important or noticeable.

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by kkibbler

I'd try them out without changing anything first; I don't put that much stock in advertised stack heights, unless you personally measured the difference. For what it's worth I went Shimano Dynalast to Bont Vaypor+ without changing saddle height. Felt just fine.

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