Charge Di2 battery without Shimano SM-EW90?

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by p3dalfaster

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to charge a Di2 battery without going through the Shimano SM-EW90 junction box?


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by Pokerface07

AFAIK, you need a junction box (somewhere) to plug the battery charger into. I've used a separate box and Di2 cable to charge a spare battery before (outside the bike).

If you are an electronics wizard, I'm sure you could whip something up, but it isn't practical.
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by Weenie

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by kulivontot

I mean, the battery itself is a two terminal device (at least the external btr1 type). I imagine any off the shelf li ion charger should be capable of charging 2 series cells should be able to do it.
You'd just have to make a custom etube connector. That's not a bad kickstarter idea though. An external battery bank for recharging di2 on the go.

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