Annoying sound :(

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by amtn1212

If you still have the warranty can you get it replaced?

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by Weenie

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by hypercycler

I had a similar noise on my Canyon Aeroad, what I did was to put a small electric tape on the seatpost in the area which I thought it was making contact with the seat tube. No more noise after 2k miles.

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by jobvisser

you can just keep riding, i had a noise aswell this winter and it went away after 500 km

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by BikeAnon

Stormur, how can you have this thread, and not mention the bike, or post pictures?

My take on it....drop your seat 3-4cm, test. Then raise as much as possible (even if it means riding heels-up/toes-down).

I'm not saying ride like this long-term, just a test to hear the sound change.

If I suspected the seatpost that is inserted that far (although we don't know if you have a seat post in a frame, or a frame-post in a seat-mast)....for my example, we assume you have a seat-tube going in a frame with a seat-collar.... I'd thoroughly clean/degrease the hole and the post. Then, I'd use something to grease the hole 3mm below the entry. Heavy grease, like bearing grease. Swab it in there with a stick with fabric attached to the end, like a giant q-tip.

Leave the first 3cm pristine. Use carbon assy paste on the tube for the section that will take up the 3cm you left clean.

Now you should have a silent post-to-seattube, but still enough assy paste and friction in the spot that matters.

Reverse this operation for a seat-mast.

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by stormur

As you can see, I can :) brand is irrlevant, same as frame color and groupset, including thickness of handlebar tape. And explain please what pic of a bike will tell you about seatpost knocking INSIDE seat tube ??? I matter of technical aspects of bikes & co I am rarely wrong. Really rarely. However sometimes everyone has kind of blindness not seeing obvious, so it was my reason to ask on forum for possible source of my issue.

Nevermind, problem solved. I took a risk and cut seatpost ; total silence. As it should be from the beggining. As it always is on my bikes. No exception. Kind of obesssion ;) I can hear only wind and tires.

Now in 15cm seat tube sleeve I have 14 cm of seatpost. Another thing is its dimension inconsistency. Last 3 cm ( aboutish ) was fractionally thicker, I believe if it keep same size thru all length it wouldn't be a problem. Or maybe not.
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by rawjunk

My bike does make annoying sound also:

I'm not sure is it from seatpost touching the frame or from the seatpost wedge. Seatpost is near minimum insert line so I can't really shorten it. I've tried different seatposts and saddles, but with no luck. It stays quiet for awhile after you tighten it to 6nm, but loosens after 20min or so and starts clicking. Should I try to use loctite on the bolt?

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