Annoying sound :(

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by 2lo8

If it is really something saddle/seatpost related, you should be able to make the sound just shifting your weight side to side, without pedaling, and without being clipped in. And possibly when riding with no hands depending on what kind of power output you need to make the sound.
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by Asteroid

Most creaks get louder when one rides out of the saddle.
This includes bottom bracket, cassette, skewers, pedals, headset, stem/bars as the usual culprits.
It appears you need to swap out the seatpost. My money is on that component.

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by evan326

stormur wrote:no idea what you smoked, but I'm jealous...

This is the best reply I've ever seen on WW
I had the issue where it was my saddle rails were creaking inside my seatpost. Changing to a better clamping post fixed it for me. Maybe try greasing the rails?

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by Fixie82

Is it possible the post is fouling on a bottle cage bolt? 260mm is a lot of Post in the frame. Another possibility is a slightly trapped Di2 wire if you're running electronic?

I'm a little confused if this an intergrated type of setup what sort of seat clamp mechanism does it use?

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by rapsac

stormur wrote:I tried already 3 different carbon assmbly compunds ( Pinarello, Ritchey, Tacx )... and without any compound as well.

temporary no access to same dia post :(
skewers are DT RWS-> no chance for any sound from there

Most assembly compounds use a fine grain material to enhance friction. Which can make popping sounds if the holding friction force is overcome by the loading. The assembly compounds I mentioned do not have these fine grain additives but work in a different manner.
Worth a try perhaps. Anyway, best of luck, always annoyed by these sounds myself as well.

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by alcatraz

Terve! I only smoke chinese pollution, thank you very much!

How many km have you put on the bike since you started looking for the location of the noise?

What about the rhythm of it? Is it like clockwork and which axle does it follow? Is the angle of the crank always the same when you hear it?

How about you switch the seatpost and seat for a ride to exclude them? What about switching pedals for a ride?

Bearings are loaded differently depending on your posture. I wouldn't exclude them just because they are more quiet out of the saddle than in the saddle.


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by alistaird

I have found this type of clicking from pedals - even though it seems to be related to in or out of the saddle - I find this changes the forces on the pedals slightly when you are out of the saddle. Try re-greasing the cleat/pedal interface.


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by Illuminate

Whilst unlikely, it may well be the saddle itself where the metal rail rods insert into the nylon/other housing. When seated in the saddle, there can be a tiny rotational movement of the saddle shell around these rails which can cause a 'tick'. It used to happen on a few old saddles I had but the newer ones have been quite silent. Probably more relevant to heavy riders like myself.
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by alastairb


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by jobvisser

Seattube cracked or damaged ?

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by wpccrunner

it'd be useful to know which bike we are discussing here...
what frame, seatpost, saddle, groupset, wheels, etc?

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by AJS914

I've also been curious what frame has a 400mm seatpost inserted into an integrated seatmast.

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by stormur

Headset was my thought as well. I tightened it now more than "enough" and... nothing. I changed BB as well ( just for peace of mind ) . Same; no change.

To clarify: I tested almost all variables : chainrings, saddles, pedals, all bearings ( incl headset ), seat collars, carbon assembly compounds ( or without )... that includes also different torques , from max to almost not enough . still same thing : light spin or hammering delivers silence. Same out of saddle. Moderate high cadence ( 80+) with some load ( uphill 2-3% + ) : knocking.

Left seatpost. But I'm VERY sure the sound comes from seat tube ( above bottle cage bolt ), so 1st thougth is still actual : to long post knocking frame inside. Sleeve for post has 15cm ( inside seat tube ) so post goes 11 cm beyond that. Tomorrow I employ hacksaw .
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by velomane

Oh stormur, I am so sorry to have to tell you this: reading this thread, I have reached the conclusion that everything on your bike is contributing to the noise. This includes the molecules of the top tube irritating eachother as they interact with the current sunspot cycle and the appearance of Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in the evening. At this point, you should sell the bike and start over.

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by stormur

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