Mavic Cosmic pro carbon exalith

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by cho00010

Hi all,

I'm in the market for a new set of wheels, with a budget of around £1000. I liked the look of the cosmics, especially considering their updated rim profile and ratchet hub for 2017. But, when I went into my local bike shop, I was told that the 1650g advertised weight is massively optimistic, with the real world weight (without tyres and skewers) coming in at closer to 1800G!

Does anyone have a set of these wheels that they have weighed? If they are that heavy, I would probably ditch the cosmics altogether and steer more towards the ksyrium pro exalith.

What's everyone's thoughts? The roads around where I stay are horrendous, so want to steer clear from the full carbon offerings. Aero would be nice, but don't think i'm willing to take the weight penalty if the advertised weight is so far off. The reasons I'm going with Mavic is because they're basically the only wheels my local bike shop sell. They're trying to get their hand on some DT Swiss wheels though, so the PR1400 DiCut wheelset could be a possibility.

by Weenie

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by tomycs

don't know the weight of that particular wheelset but typically my experience with mavic has been anywhere between 40 to 70g more (older 52mm cosmic sl, old 15C ksyrium elite, current 17C ksyrium pro). I think my worst experiences in terms of overweight wheels were the C15 Scirocco (I forgot the exact value) and my 30mm Giant aluminiums that came in at 1710g rather than 1585g. I like the regular ksyrium pro, they stop well enough for me (w. koolstop dura2 salmon) even without exalith. It's your choice if you want to limit yourself to your LBS but within your budget you could get a Zonda C17 and a 50mm carbon tubular from a uk wheelbuilder.

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by cho00010

The only time I really buy online is when my LBS can't get their hands on something for me (e.g. power meter). They are getting a couple of DT SWISS PR1400 wheelsets in next week, so going to give those a go. Not aero in the slightest, but much lighter than the cosmics (assuming a lowest weight of 1700g based on your experiences). Tubeless ready is a bonus too.

The main reason I was swithering about the Ksyriums was the bad experiences I've had with their fts-l freehub in the past. I've been told they've improved it in recent years, but I'm still apprehensive after having the dreaded death howl after 700 miles.

Would love carbon tubulars, although I plan on training on these wheels, and with some of the roads around the north of Scotland, durability is a concern!

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by Broady

Get some nice handbuilts, I've got Chris King on Pacenti SL23 and they come in under 1500g and under £1k too. Maybe even the new Mavic Open Pros. ... ng-wheels/

The new DT Swiss Oxic look great too - ... 01032.html

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by BanthaTrx

This years Cosmic Exalith weigh 1780g without tires. It's hilly in Yorkshire but I haven't really noticed the extra weight slow me down over Ksyrium Elites.

They have been really good in Crosswinds compared to the older v edged version.

I also picked up the cosmic pro carbons sl initially but they arrived cracked and the store failed to replace within a month. They weighed 1540g.

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