SRAM ETap Battery Flaw?

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by markyboy

After reading this i thought i would look at getting a spare replacement just in case,i went on to wiggle and they are sold out and with 8 reviews 4 of which had
numerous amounts of breakage.
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by Weenie

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by schroeds

I had one break after a month.

Then 18 months and they're fine.

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by TobinHatesYou

schroeds wrote: ↑
Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:59 pm
I had one break after a month.

Then 18 months and they're fine.

You’ll probably experience a random break at some point. I thought mine were fine after 2 years since the first one broke, and then both my batteries broke on the same ride a month ago.

SRAM really should redesign and recall these batteries. I’ve been handling mine with extreme care and it seems like rough roads can exarcerbat the fatigue at the plastic tab / outer housing.

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by charlieboy52000

Well I just had another one break. I have gotten 4 bad ones. Some last longer although I’m not riding as much as I used to. Btw SRAM is aware of this. I spoke to a sales rep and he said to warranty them. Th bike shop were being difficult about the replacements.
Amazingly this is a good product. But The reliability of it falls apart with the battery issues.
I have talked to many people that have it while I ride and it is a known issue. One person had 4 batteries in her house and a friend found 1 on the road. This happened to me too.
Overall the design of the battery is flawed and what I imagine is going on here is a marketing strategy.
If the battery tab wouldn’t have broke they would lasted a long time. 2years maybe more. As it is what I see is a constant replacement of batteries to generate revenue.
Also in regards to the person that says there is no issue, that is denial. When you see a handful of people mentioning a problem , that means there are a lot more having it and saying nothing about it.
I have seen people with rubber bands on the rear derailleur. I think I will try that with the broken ones.
SRAM you are dropping the ball.

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by wheelsONfire

charlieboy52000 wrote: ↑
Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:13 pm
Got another one broke off. That makes it 7. I am not sure now if it is the batteries or the tolerances on the derailleurs. I am leaning towards tolerances in the derailleurs. I’m trying to change them thru warranty. 7 batteries is a lot. if they don’t want to then I will keep exchanging them until the warranty expertise. The bike shop told me that sram said they weren’t going to change them anymore. I called BS. my next group is go by to be mechanical. I’m done with the BS of sram and the breaking batteries. Spread the word guys because I don’t think they want to do anything serious about it like change the derailleurs and look into the tolerances. They keep blaming the batteries but I got all different batches and they keep breaking. And for the record they are breaking without even being touched. The pattern at which the are breaking shows that is not a manipulation error. Which honestly I don’t see how you will touch them when removing the wheel because you can’t place leverage on the batterie to take the wheel out.
To tight tolerances would cause extra pressure in the batterie tab and that would cause failure over time.

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Outrageous,... but if you've had 6 new batteries you've had luck!
I start to wonder if there is something different in your RD where the battery is fitted?
Though, i can see how the tab could crack. It has to be stress in the material making it fail.
Perhaps the tab could be made from a stronger composite or alu instead of plastic!?

I have had zero problems with my Etap batteries and setup, no issues with jumping chain (actually zero)!

However, i've had 3 Di2 batteries going dead. Talking to Shimano, they told me i should buy PCE1. I did and when the last battery failed i ran a system check.
It says Error on the last battery. Shimano refuse to change it.
They now tell me i should change Di2 cables possibly RD, FD and or shifters.
I changed FD and FD cable.
I asked them, if you advice PCE1 and all units are checked and OK, except battery, why should i buy new units?
Who should pay that... no answer.
So, i am not sure Shimano is all heaven either.
Perhaps a bit off topic, but i got 2 new batteries, bought one myself + PCE1 and you just read the answer i got.

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by izza


Why is the LBS being difficult?

My LBS get them swapped in a few days. And I carry spares. So although an issue I never suffer. PM me and if you’re in UK I can take your battery to my LBS.

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by mdeth1313

I'm running 2 bikes with etap. One for 15 months and the other for about 5, but that group was purchased used so it's probably closer to 18-20 months. No tabs have broken.
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by wheelsONfire

Could we assume battery tabs/mount and possibly FD will be revised on a later version of Etap?

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by TobinHatesYou

Of course. It would be irresponsible of SRAM to ignore the problem. IMO the fix is simple, revise the construction so the tab isn’t located where two plastic bodies meet. Instead that it should be a single tub-shaped shell piece along the bottom.

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by dolophonic

no issues either and its been a year with a lot of kms.. surprised at the battery life. its better than i had heard.

And yes i have seen and had some issues with Di2 batteries. No one system is without its faults.

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by TarugoKing

Had my eTap since SEP 2016. About 3 weeks ago, I was mounting the battery to the RD after charging it. It wouldn't stay put and eventually found out that the tab broke. :(

Anyway, since I still have the broken tab, I was able to super glue it back and was able to lock it in. I reckon that I would need a new one in the very near future.

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