Steel OR Carbon / Calipers or Disc

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by stevenak

Fixie82 wrote:You mention endurance but also some short triathlons - is the Triathlons participation (for fun) or are you looking for a bike that will be suited to fast racing and be at the pointy end of the field? I wouldn't usually put Endurance and Triathlon in the same space.

Do you want something towards the racy end of the spectrum or more towards the touring? Do you want to be able to run full length fenders or racks?

What sort of climate and weather do you ride in?

Is this going to be your only bike?

**** Tri's are for fun. My concern now is that I have more racing geometry on my 21 year old Torelli--brain tubing and 8 speed 105. At 48, get some neck pain on longer--over 3 hr rides, which I do a few times a week. The local shop tells me hydro disc and carbon are soon to be the "industry standard." But I still remember the emphasis on steel from pro riders when I used to race. I have a mtn bike. No fenders. No touring.

by Weenie

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by Fixie82

Roger that.

Test ride some new carbon frames and see if they float your boat.

If it was me I would go for a custom steel frame with discs, spacing for wider tyres so you can be as comfortable as you can be and potentially do a little exploring off road on those longer rides. Disc because unless you have a preference (or are forced to for racing) for rim brakes you may as well take advantage of their benefits.

Get a bike fit as well. Use the results to find bikes that will fit, rather than look for endurance. It may just be that you want the reach to be a little shorter and keep the stock low ect.

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