Tyre pressure opinions please.

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by JScycle

Im riding Continental GP4000SII in 25mm. They measure out to approximately 28mm.
I am 67kg, bike is 7.3kg (sorry WW), other gear would proably be a kilo.
What is the ideal tyre pressure I should be running?
I currently use 90 front 95 rear

by Weenie

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by Geoff

Sounds pretty good to me.

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by boysa

I would think you could go lower, but it is all about what feels best to you.
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by shimmeD

:thumbup: all as above

+ read this at CyclingTips https://cyclingtips.com/2017/05/what-is ... ressure-2/
I love it, it is so weight weenies :wink: less is better
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by mogwaiboi

I'm 73kg, bike is around 7.4kg with HED Ardennes + and Vittoria Corsa 25c. I'd say mine would measure around 28mm and I currently run 65psi rear / 60psi front.
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by Mr.Gib

That is impressively low psi. I find if I go below 80 psi my tires deflect/displace too much in hard cornering. I am 80 kg though so that is a factor but still...

Using mostly 25 or 28 mm on various wider rims.
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by natefontaine

55/60 = bliss (75kg, 7ishkg bike, 28mm tubs)

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by Delorre

JScycle wrote:Im riding Continental GP4000SII in 25mm. They measure out to approximately 28mm.
I am 67kg, bike is 7.3kg (sorry WW), other gear would proably be a kilo.
What is the ideal tyre pressure I should be running?
I currently use 90 front 95 rear

I wouldn't go lower on the front, otherwise, when out of the saddle, the front end tend to feel 'soft', as if there was a fork with 1 or 2 cm of travel.

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by sawyer

Sounds about right ... if roads are very smooth and dry you could go up a bit, and the converse for crap and/or wet roads
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by fh8425

68kg, vittoria corsa 25C, 50 mm profile rims. 70 psi, it helps to damper the sometimes uneven road surface. Rides great !
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by nycebo

I'd go as low as you can until you bottom out on bumps and then increase 5 psi, 10 max. I'm 80kg and ride those exact tires on my bike at 75 psi front and 85 psi rear depending on road condition of where I'm riding. Spectacular feels and exceptional handling in the corners.

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by GothicCastle

Depends quite a bit on the wheel profile. I'm heavier than you and run those same tires on wheels with 20.5mm internal width. Generally I'm around 70 psi. The same wheels with 23c tires, I'll run around 80.

With narrower wheels, I'd increase the pressure proportionally.

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by totalcompactroad

I'm about 65kg, use about 65psi on 25c Vittoria corsa's (17mm internal rim)

Super smooth on the rubbish roads around here, haven't got any pinch punctures. Only time I notice them being squishy is in the back when climbing

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by jlok

73kg, Schwalbe Pro One 25mm on 21mm internal width rims, running 65/75psi F/R.

I tried higher psi like 75/85 or even 80/90 but found that it's too much for the relatively rough road surfaces in HK.
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by Marin

Tbh, ride quality on Conti Gp4k doesn't really improve with lower pressure, so run them as hard as you like. They're fast though.

by Weenie

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