Servicing 11 speed Campagnolo Ergo power shifters?

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by wilwil

Is it possible to buy the parts, prefereably in the UK, to service c. 2010 Record shifters?

by Weenie

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by bikerjulio

Depends what you mean by "service". There's no such thing that I'm aware of. Is something broken?

The official line is to buy a complete body sub-assembly if there's a problem.

By the time you've bought a few small parts, you might as well have replaced everything with a new body. This also gets you any running changes that may have been made since 2010.
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by Mockenrue

Chicken do the bodies (see HERE) but I think you have to order them through a Campag dealer or Pro-Shop.

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by graeme_f_k

wilwil wrote:Is it possible to buy the parts, prefereably in the UK, to service c. 2010 Record shifters?

Yes, we carry pretty much all the spare internal parts for Record 11s as loose items.
The other posts are accurate, insofar as Campagnolo recommend buying the complete body in order to take advantage, as Bikerjulio says, of all the running changes.

For that reason, if you want to go down the rebuild route, we recommend that the lever(s) come to us for refurb as there are all sorts of little oddities, especially in early series levers, that we have everything on hand to tweak, as we rebuild the lever ... plus we have lot of experience in doing the job so we know what we are looking for at each stage of strip and build.

We'll also be honest with you - if the spares and our time are going to exceed the cost of just fitting a new body and bench-testing, we'll tell you!

Let me know via PM or email me if we can help?

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