THM Clavicula SE: Go Matte or Glossy? And what is up with the BB30 version

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by ecl2k

Any thoughts on matte vs glossy? My bike has mostly matte carbon components (post, bars) apart from the glossy campy super record components. Seems like glossy would not wear as well long term due to scratches on the drive side.

Also, I have a BB30 bike and noticed that the THM Clavicula SE does not use the standard BB30 setup with the spindle going through bearings pressed into the frame, they include their own bearings in cups that press into the frame (almost like a PF30 conversion kit). It seems like the THM BB would be heavier than the regular bearing only set up, perhaps enough to offset the reason for buying these light cranks in the first place?

Such as seen here:

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by sungod

looks like thm is using 30mm axle but it's not a bb30 crankset

then it has it's own range of bbs to fit the cranks into different bb standard frames

types/weights are listed here where it shows 89g for the bb30 version, i'd guess it probably comes out about 45g heavier than native bb30

by Weenie

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by 4ibanez

It's probably the lightest (un-tuned) crank you can buy. Most likely it's still going to be lighter than any standard BB30 setup even with a slightly heavier BB. Supposedly a wider BB will improve stiffness (maybe not NDS), but someone with better knowledge in this area will have to chip in on this subject. The only true BB30 solution that comes close in terms of weight is the Lightning, which is one of the flexier ones from the Fairwheel test.

As for gloss vs matt, just go with whatever matches your bike best, or whatever you can get the best price on. Gloss is usually marginally heavier and thicker.

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