Full Bike weight different from the website.

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by Mep

Yes the parts you didn't account for (bottom bracket 100g, cables 150g, headset 50g, expander 50g, spacers 50g, bar tape 50g, skewers 50g, tubes 200g, hanger 20g, seatpost clamp 30g, rim tape 30g) can make up the weight difference. Selle Italia saddles often are overweight too.

by Weenie

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by Fixie82

My Storck also runs a full length outer for the rear brake, so add a little more to that as well.

As everyone has been saying you can't add up the manufacturer listed weights for the major parts you can see, ignore the small parts, and then complain because it's heavier than advertised?

The bike weighs what it weighs. It weighs that much because of ALL of the parts on it. As has been illustrated all the parts you have missed can easily make up the difference, but the only way to know for sure is to weigh everything separately. Although I'm not sure what you will gain from doing that? Are you going to return items if they are overweight?

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by LeeCH

Right. I agreed. We need to think about why different from website.

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by wheelbuilder

Lol at taking the bike back to the LBS to disassemble and weigh each component. I would lose my shit if I built you that bike and you came back requesting this.

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by Gavf

Stock F3 (Size S) with Seat Post: 1,235gm
Zipp 303 NSW: 1,425gm
Ultegra Groupset: 2,274gm
Storck HandleBar: 180gm
Storck Stem: 120gm
Selle Italia SLR Saddle: 185gm
Ultegra Pedal: 260gm
Conti 4Ks2: 430gm
Elite Bottle Cage x2: 50gm
Total: 6.2Kg


What you have not accounted for, at a guess...

2 x inner tubes = 200g
1 x headset = 50g
2 x headset bearings = 60g
1 x topcap & bolt = 20g
1 x bartape = 100g
4 x cables + various housings + end caps = 200g
5 x spacers = 50g
2 x skewers = 90g
1 x seat post clamp = 15g
4 x brake pads = 20g
My Conti 4Ks2 weigh 451g = 21g
cassette being 28 over 25 = 30g
grease+ lube = 50g?

That is 906g on top and i am sure i have missed some things
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by Gavf

I would pay the extra and swap out your groupset to Sram Red 22, you will instantly save 550g this way

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by Discoverspeed

bryrene wrote:
leicaman wrote:I'm not sure where you are getting this advertised weight of 6.2kg. I can't see Storck advertising that weight on their website or their downloadable PDF catalogue. Do you have a link to it?

I'd say your bike with ultegra and wheels over 1400g sounds about right at 7.1kg.

Sorry for my english. they did not advertise as 6.2kg. What I did was getting the weight from each components from their original manufacturer webpage.


Here is the link to Storck Fascenario Frame and Fork Weight.
http://storckworld.com/road-bikes/allro ... atinum-g1/

Let say 10% variances in frame and fork, it will be 1210g and to add up every components: Groupset, wheelset, Handle Bar and etc... It still weight more than the publish weight.

This is weight of Storck F.3 frame in size XS - 740g, which is lower than the 770g advertised in Storck's website. Bare frame without the bolts, hangers, hidden seat clamp, cable sleeves

Fork weight: 350g (uncut) vs 330g advertised

I would say pretty accurate as advertised
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by wwnick

when you take it back to the shop for them to dissemble and weigh piece by piece, you should also ask them to test it for any aerodynamic claims that has been made :lol:

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by Noctiluxx

Gavf wrote:I would pay the extra and swap out your groupset to Sram Red 22, you will instantly save 550g this way

Saving only 400 grams (DA 9000/9100) and gaining quality would be even better :mrgreen:
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