Worried by industry pro disk brake propaganda filtering through cycle media

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by thumper88

totalcompactroad wrote:
thumper88 wrote:
This sounds like the voice of someone who knows.
Just curious, which issues with discs are the most common that are popping up with bikes coming through your shop?
I know Ive found road disc a pain the in butt to bleed perfectly, and it seems like pads wear pretty fast.... but haven't had anything break or leak....

Shimano road disc's seem to have had issues with the oil leaking through and contaminating the pads, On top of that we have the usual squealing/juddering/fading etc which I'm assuming isn't just limited to road disc. But we had a lot less back when they came stock with mechanical disc brakes (TRP spyres)

Yeah, at one point I had a shop bleed some 785's and they def contaminated the pads in the process, swore they had removed them in the bleed and ergo it must have happened afterwards. ruined.

by Weenie

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