Look pedal removal - allen key vs pedal wrench?

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by alcatraz

Pedals: Right is right and left is wrong!

by Weenie

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by sawyer

ManekiNico wrote:
dj97223 wrote:. . . ant that you are turning the wrench/key in the correct direction.

I’ve been working on my own bikes for 30 years and I still have to look this up … Every. Damn. Time.

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Simple way to remember ... pedals tighten in the same way the cranks rotate to apply power, and obviously loosen in the opposite direction
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by Fiery

Yup, to tighten just set the wrench/key as an extension of the crank arm and push as if you wanted to pedal the bike.

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by dj97223

While we are passing on advice ... I find there is no need to torque the pedal with much force when installing it. I snug it just a bit and have never had one come loose.
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by Rick

Once you are confident of direction, if they are sticking (as the often are) a tap of the wrench end with a rubber mallet can break them free without endangering knuckles.
(Don't ask how I know this.)
Then, for the future, what dj97223 said is correct: they don't really need to be super tight; just snug until "solid".

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