Old bike: new bars, stem, headset?

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by mvcap

My main bike is a 2016 Specialized Tarmac, so all modern. Previous bike is a 2001 Trek 2200. I am wanting to put new bars (same as on Tarmac) on the old Trek, but as a rookie at this, ran into issues.

The new Specialized bars won't fit into the Trek/Icon Graphite Series stem, they are too thick. So, a new stem would be required. My question is will I need to buy a new headset as well for the modern stem?

My goal is just to achieve a similar feel with the bars using the Trek as a rain/indoor trainer bike. It currently doesn't get used otherwise. As is, the old bars are too wide, drops too deep, and stem a bit long for my liking.

Trying to do this the cheapest way possible since it is a secondary bike, hence weight/aesthetics are not my main concern.

Here are pics of the bars (new on left), stem, headset for reference.

Thank you for any insights/opinions/suggestions! I am learning a lot in this community and appreciate it greatly.ImageImageImage

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by alistaird


I'm not an expert but I think something like this:


And then you can use a modern stem and bars...


by Weenie

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by 2lo8

The VO one has awful stack height because they tried to go for that "elegant" (ahem) reverse volcano spacer taper. It's also on the long size because they're the sort of people that like bars above the saddle.

You can pick up heavy UNO compact 25.4mm (you really should use a shim to get it up to 26.0mm road size) road bars for $20 on eBay though.

A converter might still be the better option as short reach bars change your reach, so you might need to swap stems anyways.
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by kdawg

You have a few options.

The problem you have is that the Specialized bars are oversized - standard is 26.0 and these are 31.8.

Your options are 1. get similar bars but not oversized and then you don’t need to change anything else.

2. Get a stem to fit the new bars. Because you have a traditional quill stem (and threaded steerer) the easiest way to do that is with the sort of adaptor posted above. That means you can use any modern stem which will fit your bars.

Don’t need to touch the headset though - the only way that would help would be if you changed the fork too but that is getting silly.
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by RussellS

Another option is to get a new stem to fit the new bars you want. It will have 1" quill to fit into the fork. And have 31.8mm clamp to fit the new bars you want. This is an example I found. I am sure there are many others for the exact reach and height you want.

http://www.bikewagon.com/part/stems/qui ... 0x31-8bk-p

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by vejnemojnen

Procraft RR pro compact is available in 26.0mm
Uno compact CR12 is another option as well
Deda Piega RHM is yet another compact with 26.0mm clamp

No reason to use a clumsy threadless converter. Either get a threadless fork or use 26.0mm bars.

by Weenie

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