Quarq DFour or 4iiii Precision Pro?

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by HFGent

jspaceman wrote:How durable are the housing/pod thingees on the Precision Pro?

I would say that the battery cover is better designed than stages. I have had 3 stages ultegra cranks purchased different years and models. Just take a look at rays reviews at Dcrainmaker on the 4iii. Also I might add that 4iii customer service is really good so far. They sent me new o-rings as a preventative for winter season.

by Weenie

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by raffit78

I have ultegra stages on one bike and 4iiii on another, they are both equally great. +\- 1%

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by p3dalfaster

I had the same issue with my Scott Foil . 4iiii wouldn't fit, so ended up with a Quarq. A freind of mine who did buy a 4iiii had to send it back, right out of the box it was throwing up all sorts of weird readings and cutting out. His new one seems to be fine though.

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by jspaceman

I printed out the frame clearance checker from 4iiii's website (See http://4iiii.com/wp-content/uploads/201 ... Letter.pdf) and below are the results.

There isn't enough clearance between my left crank arm and the chainstay. I haz a sad. :cry:

So the Quarq DFour it is then! If only somebody had them in stock.



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