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by addicted

Hi all, anyone else having trouble finding a good chain length for their etap system (not wifli)?

My crankset is a compact 50/34.
My cassette is 11-28.

I followed the SRAM instructions for trying to get the proper length, but what happened was when I put the chain in the 34 ring, and one of the harder gears in the back, like 13 or less, the chain was literally hanging slack.
So I removed two links which was just barely enough to take care of the slack in that gear combo, but now when I am in the 50 ring, and one of the larger gears in the back, my rd cage is pulled way forward.

Shifting seems to work OK, but doesn't seem right to have that much chain tension when in the big ring... :(

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by sungod

mine is a standard, but also 11-28, installed chain the sram way, no issues, but tbh i'd never run small-small, i get on the big before even halfway down the cassette, just habit

simple solution is don't cross chain like that on the small ring, you need the chain length to be safe if you go big-big

by Weenie

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by stien

I size my chains differently than recommended, making them as long as possible. I install it in small/small and through the RD. Cut it so that you are just avoiding the "slack" position.

Granted, I am throwing the chain under load right now. I need to revisit FD adjustment a third time apparently.

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by byron505

52/36 with 11-28 in the back - i get full range.
big-big is a little loud, thats it
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by JackRussellRacing

byron505 wrote:52/36 with 11-28 in the back - i get full range.
big-big is a little loud, thats it

Exact same configuration on mine. But really, big-big is basically never deployed anyway.

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by ergott

I don't know the Sram way, but I've always done the same thing for chain length.

I put the bike in little:little and shorten the chain enough that the rear mech just starts to take up the slack. I have 53/39 and 11/28 and can use all my gears without issue.

by Weenie

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