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by ParisCarbon

Ran into an issue looking for a fix...

Running 2016 Di2 on my Tarmac..everything was running great last year. In the fall I was getting sick of the reducer cups creaking and banging so I switched to a Ceramicspeed BB with the reducers integrated into the BB...

Now the issue I have come upon.. I am running 53X39 front rings, and an 11-23 block... when I shift down from the 53X18 to the 53X17, It just hangs.. 90% of the time it won't drop down, just sits there and trys to go, but doesn't drop.. it does this ONLY in that cog, and ONLY in the 53 ring.. it works fine in the 39.. IF though.. I give the FD an outward shift and then hit the shift to go down to 17, it works fine....

Anyone have any suggestions?? I assume its something with the FD, and with the new BB the chainline has ever so slightly changed, but enough to piss off that shift combination??

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by goodboyr

Take a look at your Rd hanger. Remove the wheel and make sure the screws holding it to the frame are nicely tight ( they are small and easy to strip), then align the hanger using the correct tool. My theory is a loose mounting will be affected more under the chain tension of the big ring. Just a theory.

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by Weenie

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by bipedzed

I agree. First thing to check with any rear shifting issues is derailleur hanger alignment.

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