Help finding Argon18 E112 part!

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by smd13

Hi all, this is possibly a long shot....

I've recently sheared a bolt off in my Argon 18 E112 seatpost clamp. Obviously this ruins it, and the LBS can't get it out with a screw extractor either. I have put a backorder in with the LBS but as the part is out of stock, I've been given 6-8 weeks ETA to get the part :cry:

Needless to say I have several triathlons planned within an 8 week period so am more than a little unhappy! Argon won't ship me the part directly so it seems that I may have to wait.

My question is this- does anyone know where else I could get this part (link below). I'm a happy to pay for international shipping if needed, I'm currently trying to find either the US or Canadian distributor to give that a shot.
If anyone knows where I should try, or even better if you can get the part/have a spare then please let me know! Thanks

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by sungod

can't help with the part

but really try another lbs to get the bolt out, it should not be impossible

worst case some careful work with a dremel and a burr bit with some sleeve to keep it on axis could be done to reduce the bolt enough for it to be broken up and removed

if it's stuck due to galvanic corrosion between bolt and aluminium clamp, then plusgas or acf-50 may ease it

also, try pouring boiling water over it, aluminium expands more than steel, the differential expansion can help loosen it

by Weenie

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by PinaRene


Try R&A cycles - they might help you with the part you are looking for !

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