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by p3dalfaster

Hi Guys,

Question, I am trying to put my PRS-20 together. Inside the Yoke Weldment, there is a plastic sheeth, this makes inserting the Slider Tube Weldment super super tight. Is this sheet supposed to be there, or is it purely some protection for carriage?

Thanks a lot!


by Weenie

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by BRM

too cryptic for me :? , a picture do wonders . . .

btw for these kind of questions youtube often helps you

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by Butcher

It's been awhile since I put mine together, but I used the plastic sleeve. Is it absolutely needed? I do not know, but I followed the instructions and it works perfectly.

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by wobbly

from memory.....I recall this being a tight fit - I think some gentle "persuasion" and it slid in ok and all parts were absolutely needed. Have faith, hold your nerve and follow the instructions in the box :beerchug:

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by bikerjulio

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by p3dalfaster

Cheers for the replies lads - I actually spoke with Park, they said it's needed but are going to send me another anyway "just in case" - good customer service from them. :thumbup:

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by goodboyr

Just further on this. Make sure you grease inside and outside this sleeve before you install. If you use the stand to wash your bike, the centre steel support tube will rust. Since rust takes up more volume than plain steel, that will freeze everything up. I went to the prs21 which has an anodized aluminum shaft and it has been faultless after countless washes.

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by Weenie

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