KMC X10-93 chain question

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by Valy

Hi everyone, have a quick question about the legitimacy of this chain.

This is the first time I've seen it packaged this way and bought from ebay. It says made in China but I have not paid attention to where it's normally made (the ones in cardboard square boxes).

Can you tell me if this is a legit chain?

Regards, Valy. ImageImage

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Shows packaging like that although i've only ever seen the square cardboard packs.
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by Weenie

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by Valy

Yeah, seen these plastic packages around but don't know what the difference is. Markers? Origin?

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by Antoine

weird, I've just received these from probikeshop :



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by MikeD

According to a vendor on Amazon that sells KMC quick links, he says that he sources them from KMC factories in Taiwan and China, so they probably make these chains in both places. Don't know for sure though. Maybe look over the KMC website or send them an email to confirm.

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by bikerjulio

A recent related thread here

KMC are a huge manufacturer based in Taiwan. It would seem that they are also manufacturing in China, and as a reputable company one would expect that the Chinese chains are equal in quality.

Looks like they changed the boxes a little. I have 2 with me with no country of origin.
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by Weenie

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by audiojan

I believe the less expensive chains are now made in KMC's factory in China (X10-93 for example) whereas the higher end ones (X10-SL) are made in the Taiwan headquarters. I'm not surprise the packaging may have changed to reflect this.
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