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by Jcgill

Hello, I am planning a trip to Colorado to ride some mountains this summer. The bike i will be taking is a 2011 Cannondale CAAD 10-3 with Ultegra 6700 components with the exception of a FSA SLK standard crankset. The bike has a few thousand miles on it and the bb30 has been silent since the bike was purchased new. (Knock on wood.)
I would like to swap to a compact crankset and 11-28 in the rear to make climbing easier for me during my vacation.

I am having a hard time deciding what to do:

1. Get a bb30 crank (probably a sram rival22 bb30 crankset) and install it in the untouched stock bb30 bearings.
Pros-easiest and most economical
Cons- if the bb starts creaking then i may need to do option 2 anyways and the bb30 crankset will be a paper weight.

2. Get a praxis adapter or a wheels manufacturing adapter to eliminate the bb30 and then install a Shimano 105 crank.
Pros- possible better setup in the long run
Cons- more expensive up front, and this would be an attempt to fix something that isn't broken to begin with.

What would you invest in if you had a bb30 frame and were goingto buy a new crankset?

by Weenie

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by slick1

Go the adaptor to be able to fit a "standard" shimano BB. Much less hassle.

I did the same to my nephews Cannondale and now it has been problem free ever since.

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by Kurets

I think people worry too much about BB30. I'm quite certain that the majority have no issues at all while the minority who have, complain online.
I would go for a cheap BB30 chainset or just try to squeeze a 30 cassette in the back. Shimano makes a 12-30 which should fit for your purposes.

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by slick1

Definitely a minority thing. The issue with my nephews bike is that the bb housing in the frame went slightly out of round over time so a proper fit wasn't possible. It would eventually start creaking again.

Problem all sorted now with a "normal" bottom bracket

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