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by vejnemojnen

So, to be brief

I'd ideally use shoes, which has the cleat position as far back, as possible, and as narrow as possible.

Anyone has idea about shoe brands which place the cleats further back with 3-4mm? I'm not after mid-sole cleat, I'm just aiming for a few mm-s.

Ideally, with low stack height as well.

I've been using two shoes recently, and one of them has the cleat a bit more forward, and I don't like it at all :( makes my feet feel unstable and uncomfortable on longer rides. :noidea:

by Weenie

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by mattr

Try the luck custom options, they do all sorts of tweaks.

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by DJT21


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by shimmeD

Bont ticks 2 out of 3:
low (if not lowest) stack.
easy enough to drill to move cleats back.
don't know if it's narrow enough for you.
Less is more.

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by Mep

The Mavic Comete shoe sounds like it would meet your requirements.

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by Mr.Gib

Pedal brand can make a big difference also. I can get the pedal spindle much further back using Look, compared to Shimano.
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by toshi

If you want something narrow, avoid Shimano; the lasts trend wider in forefoot and midfoot.

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by vejnemojnen

my mistake, by narrow, I mean, narrow cleat position, ie.: q-factor, and not insole. My sole is actually very-very wide, but I like to pedal with my feet as narrow, as possible (aka. chainset polishing)

thanks for the tip with the bont shoes. will look into it.

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by shimmeD

Bont also makes wide fitting.
If you're moving your cleats back, you can also move them out (to get lower Q).
I wear a small 39 on Shimano SPD-SL pedals, and I had no problem moving back more than the 3-4mm you're after, by drilling new holes & moving the fixings.
Less is more.

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by mpulsiv

Shimano shoes is your best bet. You can move the cleats further than most shoes. They are wide from toe to heel but more around mid-sole.

Bont shoes are great but they are ultra stiff. They are wide in toe area.
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by vejnemojnen

great news, as shimano shoes are readily available in my size (294-295mm inner sole length, regular 45)

if the cleats are really positioned more at the hind, then I guess I'll grab a pair from one of their budget versions.

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by otoman

Giro Empire SLX have an extremely low stack height with thin insoles. The last is Euro narrow, which works well for me and my skinny, flipper feet. I can get the center of my Speedplay cleats positioned just behind the ball of my foot which feels nice for my 46.5 foot. I came from Sidi Wires that were narrow but have a thick sole and I had a custom orthotic. I had to lower my saddles a good cm when switching to the Giro with the thin, stock insoles.
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by Bigger Gear

For the OP, check out some online sites as last year's top of the line Shimano R321 can be found heavily discounted now.

by Weenie

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by Junior7

Shimano will answer you

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