Cycling short pads - your thoughts?

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by cmcdonnell

I do agree that the latest Assos shorts are not as durable as the older ones but they are still pretty good. Saying that I have 2 pairs of S2 Champissimo shorts (orange pad) and 2 of the S5 F1.13 (blue pads) and they are still fine, with no holes and black; I've probably got a couple of Prosline EVO shorts lurking about somewhere too and the new fabric does not seem anywhere as robust and I have seen several S7 pairs fading so time will tell how my S7 Cento's hold up. All shorts should be washed straight after every ride which is surely common sense considering their cost of Assos. Mine have held up well over the last year when I switched back from Castelli. Unfortunately, I just don't get on with any of the Castelli pads and lost 3 months training with several saddle sores which I'd never had before in 20+ years of Assos shorts - tried to save some money and liked the look of the Castelli shorts but they don't work for me.
Size wise for me an Assos small is a good fit and is about an inch shorter in length than Castelli (good for me as Castelli shorts were too long to be ideal leading to the gripper being too close to my knee). I find i'm between a small and a medium in Castelli so would put their sizes about half a size smaller than Assos. I've also tried the Endura Pro shorts and need an XS. I went for the Cento's because the pad felt better (10 mm rather than 8 mm) and I preferred the cut which to me felt very similar to my S5's which are my favorites.
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by milesthedog

tinozee wrote:That survey is fine, but it is obviously based on questions related to someone's experience. There aren't enough questions to help one make a purchase.

Thanks to those who responded! The survey is still open.

The survey isn't based on one person's experience or to help someone make a purchase, but rather, the survey has the primary purpose of understanding comfort issues with relation to the short pad and seams. So, comfort, but not durability was the focus, as there may be great designs that achieve comfort, but don't last long. We're not concerned about the latter in this survey. note: a survey having a limited focus or because it isn't all-encompassing doesn't mean the survey is flawed.

For the below poster, bs responses can be filtered out in less than 5 seconds... but I hope it was worth your time.

Short brands: the goal was to capture pad/seam structure styles. If your brand isn't listed, there's a very good chance that the seam and pad structure is redundant with a listed brand.


by Weenie

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