30.8mm seatpost clamp on 30.0mm frame

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by Luca79

My Supersix EVO frame is 30.0mm in the seatpost clamp zone.
Is a 30.0mm clamp mandatory or will a 30.8mm be ok?

I'm asking because Tune makes a super light one but only in 30.8mm , and I've heard mixed thoughts about the compatibility.


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by CycloTron

Have you measured the seat tube OD yourself, or just going on spec?
The risk you take with a slightly bigger clamp size is the seatpost slipping, especially with carbon ones.

by Weenie

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by kman

The other risk is the clamp cracking.

It seems the Evo is a 30.0 clamp, with a 25.4mm post, which seems like a PITA to me.
The only frames I've come across that use the 30.0 clamp are steel ones like the Surly Crosscheck I used to own. I put a Thomson clamp on that - not exactly a WW clamp though.

Luca79: Do you not have the factory clamp or are you just looking for a WW upgrade?
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