Confused about weight of current Zipp 303 tubulars

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by neeb

According to the Zipp website the weight of the standard retail 303 firecrest tubulars is 1390g (under "specs")

But if I use the (normally reliable) wheel weight calculator on the Wheelbuilder website and specify 303 firecrest tubular rims, Chris King R45s front and rear, 18/24 Sapim CX-Rays and alloy nipples I get a total weight of 1226g. That's with the rim weight quoted as 352g ... lator.html

Now, perhaps the quoted rim weight is wrong - I notice that elsewhere on the Wheelbuilder website the rim weight is given as 385g rather than 352 as in the weight calculator. That would bring the 1226 up to 1292. Also, looks like the retail 303s might use CX-sprint spokes rather than CX-Rays - another 36.5g, = 1328. Still, quite a bit lighter than 1390.

Are the Zipp hubs really heavy? And what is the actual weight of the current 303 rims?

by Weenie

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