Shimano S-Phyre Sizing

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by mdeth1313

I was looking at the S-Phyre shoes and I wasn't sure how the fit would compare to the older 320's. I used to fit a size 41 in the 320's perfectly. Unfortunately, there are no shops near me to use and the online folks don't seem to be much help. Anyone here been able to compare one shoe to the other?
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by Weenie

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by Ravnsnaes

I tried a pair of S-Phyre's in size 44 (27,8cm). They felt excactly the same as my Specialized S-Works 6 in size 43,5 (27,9cm), and more or less the same as Shimano R321 in size 43,5. But the R321 were slightly wider, eventhough they were half a size smaller. My best advice is to look at the shoe size length (cm) for a good comparison, which is why I personally fit a 44 in S-Phyre and 43,5 in Specialized S-Works 6.

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by DeLuz

I was really looking forward to trying these shoes but turned out to be a big disappointment. It felt like there was a rock towards the back of the arch.
No way I could wear these.

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by TurboKoo

I've been wearing R320 in 42,5 but decided to get 43 in S-PHYRE's
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by silvercivic27

I wear a 43.5 wide in R320 but they dropped the half sizes for the wide S-phyre, so I got 43 wide and it fits fine. I did also hear shrink my R320s in the special Shimano oven too.

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by TroyG

Does anyone know what the width is like for the new sphyre shoes. I am looking at a pair of the RC 7s and am wondering how many extra mm the wide affords over the regular. I presently have Bont Vaypors in 47 that are just slightly too small on my second and third toes and have 48 in the Bont Vaypor Sprint. They are maybe a little big?

I like how some shoe companies list their shoes dimensions in length and width. If I could go to a local store and try a bunch on I would it would be far less hassle finding shoes that will work for long rides.

by Weenie

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