Road shoe - shape like SIDI ergo 2

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by BRM

I didn't called you a liar.
I gave the right information and yes your interpretation doesn't match completely with it.
Can't help that. it's not my fault. My information is correct. Sorry you can't live with it.

Your idea of breaking in this kind of shoes is odd. (because the used materials doesn't allow that)
Most likely the Ergo is not the right shoe for you therefore it didnt felt right on your feet from the biginning. You didn't break in the shoe but your feet. Your feet adapted to the shoes instead of the shoes to your feet. When the Wire sits right on your feet than it's Obvious that the ergo was too slim for you.

And I dont think you will find many people that experience a sloppy fit in the Ergo's. Lol how come s that in your mind??

Personally I fit the Ergo's but NOT the Wire's. And that is not only about the frontpart.
Anyway I never go out of one individual experience that can be colored by all kinds of things.
I bring in a global view on things and use knowledge and insight to draw conclusions. An intelligent approch you can say.

People like you are not willing to learn and try to swim against the stream holding on to their wrong interpretations no matter what. I described FACTS about these Sidi shoes.

by Weenie

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by uraqt



1. Whatever you have to tell yourself, You could could have said, that IMO the synthetic materials in the shadow and other sidi shoes is pretty free from stretching. However, you chose to quote and attack me by implying that I am lying and that I don't know what I am posting about.

2. Show me a link from the company that makes Lorica that says it doesn't stretch. I'll save you the time you can't. In fact if you really look instead of just reading internet BS you will find that many people have had Lorica stretch.

3. If Lorica didn't stretch why did Sidi move to plastic for the instep closure? If you ride a Lorica sidi with the Lorica instep closure long enough you can stretch the instep closure until you can't get the buckle tight enough. (Then you put zip-ties between the ratchet strap and loop that holds the strap to take up the strap)

4. So I have magic feet that shrink after my 300-400 miles with new sidis. Then they remember to re-shrink to that same size whenever I wear them again, and then expand back to normal when I wear my non sidi shoes.

5. I was trying to give the OP my interpretation on the different fit between a Lorica sidi and the new wires.

6. "global view on things and use knowledge and insight" rich... really how is that well rounded view on Silca and Cervelo...


BRM, Still keeping the internet safe for all, nice job!!!.. I love you work

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by Junior7

I would continue with Sidi

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