PRO Vibe Aero bars

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by Nefarious86

And the reach is crazy.

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by lockxchg

That's a good thing, you can save 10g on a shorter stem ;)

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by salesguy

TonyM wrote:Just got an answer from K-Edge:

“Yes, we will have a mount for this application (Pro Vibe stem with Pro Vibe aero handlebar) being releasing later this month.”

For those following, k-edge now has this mount as "coming soon". looks like a normal race mount to me, maybe it's just 1-2mm narrower.

I think my 40cm aero vibe bars came in at 260, was a little tricky to balance on the scale.

Wiring was not as difficult as some bars, at least they had guides. Been riding them for a week, the transition to R9150 levers is very nice, lots of comfy hand positions.

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by hannawald

After long hasitation I ordered them as well, though 260g is hard to swallow for me. On aero disc brake bike it is hard to reach nice weight and these don't help..but they match design of the bike, are di2 ready, should be comfy and stiff and should not be as fragile as 3t ltd series.

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by TonyM

I have been riding today my Pro Vibe Aero handlebar (together with the DA 9170 shifters). Really a perfect handlebar! Look good. Feel good.

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by spartan

it seems the folks at GCN were able to use a wahoo mount on a vibe aero bar with no issues. anyone own a wahoo to comment.
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by TonyM

Looking at the K-Edge mount on the Pro Vibe from Demare it is too bad we can't get it from K-Edge... :(



Here now the official K-Edge release:


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by TonyM

UPDATE from K-Edge:

"Available exclusively from Shimano PRO and Shimano PRO distributors.
Estimated Launch Date January 2018."


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by Js2

:evil: Mechanical cable routing on this handle bar is a nightmare to setup... It took me a long time and trying different methods from fishing line to magnets.

What worked for me was:

1. pre-bend about an inch of the shift cable and thread that in first from the shifter side towards the stem, pick it out with a pick and bend another section so it becomes a C shape (will be chopped off for sacrifice), leave it in place as long as it is sticking out by a safe margin that won't make it fall back into the hole.

2. pre-bend about an inch of the brake cable and feed it through shifter side again towards the stem, when it shows up close to the shifter cables you routed before use the pick again to try to make it sit on top of the shift cable and wiggle through opening so it points towards the exit. At this point you have to push and pull simultaneously on both ends to get the fat brake cable housing out of the hole.

3. once both are safely out of exit, repeat the push and pull until you get your desired cable length. The issue here is the fitment is really tight on the exit so my brake cable outers ended up having rub marks from the exit hole near the stem :(

Once you are done, repeat steps 1-3 for the other side..... :cry: a good set of picks is HIGHLY recommended, in hindsight I should've greased cable before feeding it through since maybe it would help smooth it out a little? :noidea:

Spent a few hours on this, wish the opening near the stem was wider and smoother finish on the inside edges of the exit opening so it wouldn't mark my outer cables. Luckily my outer cable housings were black, so its not too noticeable.

Conclusion: its better suited for di2 setup than mechanical since the pre threaded guides and di2 cables are a lot thinner than shifter cable housing, but I guess it works. Hope this helps! :beerchug:

Have the K-edge Pro Vibe Mount on order, tried the wahoo elemnt mount and it wont work because of the bend right after clamping area. I set it up with a pro vibe stem.

K-Edge Pro Vibe Mount Part number:
Medium P/N PRAC0136
X Large P/N PRAC0137
MSRP $74.99 :roll:

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by aplcr0331

I love my bars. And the K-Edge works great. Super happy all around

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