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by nycjwi

I have an issue with my achilles that makes it sensitive to tight fitting shoes. Can anyone recommend a good bike show with a softer heel?

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by tokyodrift69

Don't get the S-Works lol

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by Weenie

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by BRM

Modern cyclinghoes are made from synthetic fibers, heelcups are rigid and tight, to keep your shoe on your foot without slipping. These materials don't really stretch and set to your feet like leather does. And there is my answer, I think your best chance are leather shoes.


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by TheKaiser

Obviously the overall shape of the shoe matters so you'd need to try them on, but something that is heat moldable like the recently discontinued shimano 320s or bonts could be worth looking into. You'd want to confirm just how flexible that achilles area is though, in terms of how much it can be tweaked once heated. You could also look into something that has a specific heel retention adjustment, like some of the sidis that had a dial in the back that adjusted pressure on the heel separately from the front. You could also try taking your shoes to a cobbler. I have some shoes I use for yard work that had an overly aggressive heel cup and were bothering my achilles and I ended up slicing the heel cup open up the back to give me some more wiggle room. Not something you'd want to do on brand new high dollar shoes of course, but modifying some older ones could make them serviceable again.

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by Fixie82

Maybe these could be the answer? Saw them on a Bike Show write up, not sure which site and thought they were interesting. Could be worth a shot with the completely adjustable heel.


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by ksolar

Lake 402 is close to the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Carbon heat moldable soles, kangaroo leather uppers that are as soft as a baby's butt! They are very expensive and don't know if it'll solve your problem. I've had a black pair for about 3 yrs and they still look great. I can see them lasting a long time. I'd definitely get another pair if I needed to.

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by Hillsaretheenemy

I've had a few recent Achillies niggles and seemed sensitive to the heal cup biting on the back. I've just picked up some Shimano SH-9 Spheyre shoes and so far no issues. They seem lower in the heal cup and don't bite me where the issue was. Coming from Shimano R170 and Lake CX237. The Lakes were the shoes I wore full time until I started having issues. BTW I love the Lakes and the Issue was a surprise and i don't think they caused the issue but rather further aggravated it.

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by silvalis

fwiw DMT heels were pretty wide on my narrow heel. I wear lake cx237 now.
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by richscott

Try as many as possible- giro lace up's work for me

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by gtinut

same here...Lake CX237 in wide due to my big feet. After few rides and leather shoe fits just right. tried Shimano so called wide version of their shoes - painful after 1 minute.
I have five pairs of Lake shoes (MX237, CX237, MX331CX, MX145, MXZ303) because there is nothing else that fits me.

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by DJT21

DMT Vega

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by geedawg

Just got a pair of Giro Empire SLX's and compared with Sidi Wires and S-Works 6 (along with the previous generation S-Works), they have a much less aggressive heel cup. Try a pair if you can

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by DeLuz

tokyodrift69 wrote:Don't get the S-Works lol

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S-Works have a very stiff heel cup and the they are high along my ankles causing discomfort.
After having them about a year I am fed up and will be taking them to a cobbler to have the sides lowered to what most shoes are like.
Otherwise I like them a lot.

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by otoman

geedawg wrote:Just got a pair of Giro Empire SLX's and compared with Sidi Wires and S-Works 6 (along with the previous generation S-Works), they have a much less aggressive heel cup. Try a pair if you can


The Empire SLX heel cup is very soft, especially around the Achilles.
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